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Niall Mulrine - PC Clean

As Seen on TV!!!

Thursday 14th June 2012 seen Niall Mulrine make his TV debut with the success of the Internet Safety for Parents seminars that he delivers around Donegal for parents on the awareness of internet usage.

The 4 minute clip was part of series “Out & About in Ireland” on Sky Channel 201 and FreeSat 403 at 9PM. If you missed it, it is repeated on this Sunday 17th June and Monday 18th June at 7PM on the same stations. If you still did not get a chance to watch or record, the video will be on

Or if accessing from behind firewall such as a school

Click on

Niall Mulrine from on where you can view the 4 minute clip of Pc Clean interview

For more details of the seminar that can be held at a location for parents or children, visit Pc Clean Internet Safety


Are you safe online?

Do you use Online Banking, e-Commerce websites to purchase items, selling items on E-Bay or just sending personal information over the internet to someone else…

Find out from PC Clean what you need to do and what precautions you must take before sending any personal or financial details over the internet.

Do you know what your family are doing on the PC?
Ever worry whether or not younger members of the family are safe online and are not entering the wrong websites?

PC Clean can provide advice and software to minimise the risk of your loved ones from any malicious intruders.

Click to listen to Niall Mulrine talk on 2FM with Colm Hayes on Cyber Bullying

Nationwide Newspaper article featuring Niall Mulrine as Educator for Cyber Bully workshops for parents

Thanks to Garreth Mac Namee journalist for Irish Daily Mirror for this honest feature on my workshops for parents on the dangers of Cyber Bullying. The workshop is getting great feedback from parents who have attended and thanks to this, I will keep holding workshops that give parents a place where they can come to ask the frank questions on topics online that may sound silly to them, but important to get an overview. Thank you Garreth.

Many thanks to Greg Harkin of the Irish Independent who covered Cyber Bullying in Saturday 29th September 2012 edition. The more people learn of the dangers that can occur online, maybe the more people can avoid any unnecessary pain. Thank you Greg.

A link to the online version of the Independent can be found here:

Workshops for parents are available by contacting Niall on 086-2377033 or email

Workshops for Parents is a seminar that gives parents opportunity to learn more about online usage of their children regarding social media sites such as Facebook, Ask.Fm, Twitter, YouTube, Mushy Monsters and many more.

Discussions on how parents can minimise the chances that their children get caught up on Cyber Bullying and also how to deal with it if it occurs. An extra part to this workshop takes into account some general security information when using the internet, topics on:

-How to use the Internet safely

-What sites are ok to enter credit card details

-Being careful of credit card scams and email scams

-Knowledge on scams when people contact a computer owner to tell them they need help and take their money

-How to lock-down all devices in the home

and much more


Also available,

Workshops for children are available by contacting Niall on 086-2377033 or email

Workshops for children to learn what they could avoid before getting into trouble, for something that may of seemed innocent. Children may sometimes post comments or photos on websites without realising the impact they may have on other people, due to their innocence and lack of knowledge on Cyber Bullying. This workshop can fill in the blanks and help them better understand how certain actions can cause pain to someone.

Topics covered are:

-What to post online and not to post

-Photo tagging and location tagging websites

-Privacy settings


-Potential determent on future prospects on what you do online NOW

and much more


Niall Mulrine on Cyber Bullying in Irish Daily Mirror 26-9-12

Irish Daily Mirror feature Niall Mulrine on Cyber Bullying workshops he delivers around schools for parents.

















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