About PC Clean

Niall Mulrine 2011I set up PC Clean in 2007. Computers have always been a passion of mine and I wanted to utilise my computing talents to their best effect. This ambition came back in the early 2000’s when the Sasser virus brought havoc to people worldwide. The virus affected people in my local area and I witnessed for the first time that many people are ill prepared for such system shutdowns. I wanted the ability to ensure people had systems in good working order and that they were protected as much as possible from the destructive viruses on the internet. The inspiration from this gave me the name for the business “PC Clean” – I want to protect and serve PC users.

My motto is “a computer needs as much attention as a car”. We do not think about our computer’s health until it’s too late and it will not work. I wanted to provide the same level of care for computers as car owners give their vehicles. Cars are serviced on a regular basis to keep them in tip top condition – a computer should get the same care.


Business users cannot afford their IT infrastructures running slow as productive man hours are lost. When an issue may arise, Pc Clean do their best to offer prompt service to keep that business running well. Preventative care can be utilised from our team to limit the amount of disasters that could occur.

Schools are the core ground for educating our children in a 21st century. Every school would now have at least 1 computer / laptop in each classroom for the children to use to enhance their learning as an ICT tool. Children are very capable of trying new programs or procedures on any computer to “see what happens”, which may result in an error for the following students. Pc Clean can come on site or remotely log in to the affected computer so that class can be back online quickly.

At Home, we have more IT equipment installed than we would of imagined 10 years ago. Some homes now would have a desktop computer, laptop, Tablet and Smart Phone that all access the Internet and can be networked in such a way that all devices can share the same files. Pc Clean offers call out services and in house repairs for home users and networks installations.

We at Pc Clean provide Computer Health Checks, IT consultancy, repairs, data recovery, installations, network support and call out service.

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