AutoPilot Cars!!

Do we have Autopilot on our cars??

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Car manufacturers around the world are more concerned about the innovative developments of car building than that of the economic saving virtues to the customer. It is believed by many manufacturers, majority of cars are similar in terms of quality, economic to run and environmentally friendly. Competition between big brands in these areas are almost saturated. To nose their product over the line, they focus on what innovations can be brought to the car that will make the customer “want” to own that model. High tech gadgets will be the must in the future cars. People focus on the compatiability of their car with their smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Mp3 players and bluetooth devices. “Can I make calls on my phone without taking the phone out of my pocket?” As we seen Ford are pioneering this to the next level with the Sync system that was described in a recent article of mine.

Mercedes have developed Splitview technology, where the only the passenger can watch media on the display and the driver can just see the naviagtion map. BMW using WLAN technolog to communicate with other similar vehicles in the vicinity to aid communications regarding driving conditions, traffic jams, accidents and sudden change in weather conditions. Example of prevention of accident is, when a car is coming up to a junction with traffic lights and someone is driving through the red light, the car will warn the driver of this and to hit the brakes to prevent collison. Also, the blind spots when trying to pass a car in front when you see nothing coming, you believe it’s safe to pass and you indicate to overtake then the car recieves message that there is car oncoming soon and warns the driver to pull back into your lane before collision.

Elsewhere, MIT students in association with Audi are devising a 3D interactive map that will be displayed on the dashboard of the car. This will show where the driver is with position on the map and show buildings and streets in the vicinity. When the car moves, the map moves to adjust with the drivers view, so both vision out of the windows and interactive map are in sync. It will have locations marked on it as normal satellite navigation systems have points of interest on the map. Even though manufacturers seem more creative towards innovation, in actual fact, the innovation is bringing a new level of safety to the driver’s cabin.

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