Goggling or Googling



Goggling or Googling

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Much talk on the tech front over the last week about Google’s new product simply labelled Google Glass Goggles. No, it’s nothing to do with swimming on the net!! When an amazing moment happens, you pull out your mobile phone to take a picture and by the time you are ready to shoot, the moment has passed. Simply annoying and frustrating, I know this from personal experience also. With both our very young children, they pull the funniest of faces, or dare to amaze you by their capabilities exceeding your expectation. These are what Kodak meant by “Kodak moments”. Small snippets of time that you will always remember fondly as time goes by.

Google are still in the prototype of a device called Google Glass, which appear as normal glasses on a person’s face to the unsuspecting. Only these glasses are connected to the internet and have a small film of a screen to give the wearer real time information without distraction. The goal of this device is to remove the need of taking out your Smartphone to make calls, send texts, read emails, check reminders and surf the internet.

Google Glasses launch how useful the subway can be

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The team behind this project is Google X, the team of R & D that always vision the unimaginable. Not cheap, these glasses are currently going on market to developers for $1500 and ready for delivery next year to these customers. They have named this project, Project Glass. The team hope to have it available for release in 2014 and no price has been guessed at yet. But the glasses will cost more than the average Smartphone. The cost of producing the glasses is in the region of $3,000 at current stage of beta.

Android software developed by Google will be the driving chassis on the glasses for all applications and responses to work on. A built in camera with microphone will have the ability to record live feed and upload to YouTube or feed it live to a website for your friends to watch a live scenario you are part of at that time, so everyone can share the experience. Similar to Google smartphones and Apps, applications and commands can be sent to the glasses by voice, therefore giving the user a total hands free experience. Integration of other Google Apps including Google Maps will play a creative role in how we live our everyday lives. Imagine having the possibility of a GPS Sat Nav built into a small pair of glasses, so when we are on foot we can have arrows on our lenses to give us signposts to what direction to go. Google Weather alerts popping up to say whether it will be a great day or not, helping us ponder on the indecision of taking a raincoat to work.

Google launched a demo video on YouTube to give us a taste of how it can benefit our lives. From watching this, its amazing how all our computer powered applications, mobile phone apps and online platforms can come together to enable us to be a “Computer Wearer”, having our computers in our vision at all times!! With the upcoming and developing application Google Goggles, the scope of what can be done will be second to none. Already Goggles can be found in Android Play marketplace, the software that brings up online information about the item being held in your hand, the painting you stare at on a wall, author biography of a book you look at in the book store and many more facts surrounding all visuals in our lives.

With the positives, there are surely to be negatives. Some say that it will infringe on other peoples privacy when they don’t know if they are being recorded or it will be a distraction to our normal lives, with too much gadgetry. Like all new concepts, it will take the rough with the smooth. All I can say is, bring it on and let me be as Speccy as possible.



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