How to deactivate ASK.FM account to prevent CyberBullying

How to deactivate ASK.FM Account to prevent further Cyberbullying

Niall Mulrine - PC Clean Blogger, writer, technician, social media instructor

PC Clean Blogger, writer, technician, social media instructor

How to deactivate ASK.FM account

Step 1:  Logon to






ASK.FM login homepage to begin disabling account




Enter email address and password in the boxes provided. Or logon with Facebook account.

Once logged in the normal ASK.FM welcome screen will be in front of the user.

On the top Menu Bar, where HOME, PROFILE & SETTINGS is located, SETTINGS is button we need to click on

ASK.FM login homepage Menu bar

ASK.FM after Logon

 STEP 3: Click Settings

ASK.FM Settings PAge to disable account

ASK.FM Settings Page

Once in the ACCOUNT SETTINGS, DISABLE ACCOUNT should be visible at bottom right corner of screen


ASK.FM Disable Account page

Disable Account is highlighted in Yellow circle



Once on this page, please click on DISABLE ACCOUNT

Step 5: Confirm Disable

Confirm Disable ASK.FM Account

This is final step to disable ASK.FM account

confirm DISABLE is to enter account password again and click DISABLE ACCOUNT


This is the account for ASK.FM now disabled. Congratulations

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