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Some tips for parents and children can be found below:

Tips for Parent’s Internet Safety can be found on

Tips for Children’s Internet Safety can be found on


What Niall Mulrine Offers:

Pc Clean offers Seminars for Parents on the dangers of online use by their children. These talks are given in schools and community centres to give parents a chance to find out more about Social Media sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

The subjects talked on the seminar are the following:

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Addictions
  • Abuse
  • Grooming

Parents have found these talks a great insight on what their children are currently doing online.

Some Testimonials from parents, teacher and principals who attended this seminar in early 2012.

Comments from parents and teachers after recent talks are:

“Lots of parents have no idea of what the children are doing online, especially the acronyms they are using for hiding messages from adults” – Belinda McArdle- Parent

“Niall’s presentation is informative, thought provoking and unapologetic in the clear message which it gives to Parents. I would highly recommend it to school authorities throughout the region.” Principal St. Marys NS, Stranorlar, Co. Donegal MR Fintan Keating

“Niall provided an engaging and eye-opening look inside the world of social networks for our staff and Parents Association. Highlighting the dangers and pitfalls associated with this online revolution helped prepare parents and teachers to protect both their own online presence and that of their children.” – Saint Eunans School teacher Pauric O’Donnell, Saint Eunan’s College, Letterkenny.

Workshops for parents

are available by contacting Niall on 086-2377033 or email

Workshops for Parents is a seminar that gives parents oppurtunity to learn more about online usage of their children regarding social media sites such as Facebook, Ask.Fm, Twitter, YouTube, Mushy Monsters and many more.

Discussions on how parents can minimise the chances that their children get caught up on Cyber Bullying and also how to deal with it if it occurs. An extra part to this workshop takes into account some general security information when using the internet, topics on:

-How to use the Internet safely

-What sites are ok to enter credit card details

-Being careful of credit card scams and email scams

-Knowledge on scams when people contact a computer owner to tell them they need help and take their money

-How to lock-down all devices in the home

and much more


Also available,

Workshops for children

are available by contacting Niall on 086-2377033 or email

Workshops for children to learn what they could avoid before getting into trouble, for something that may of seemed innocent. Children may sometimes post comments or photos on websites without realising the impact they may have on other people, due to their innocence and lack of knowledge on Cyber Bullying. This workshop can fill in the blanks and help them better understand how certain actions can cause pain to someone.

Topics covered are:

-What to post online and not to post

-Photo tagging and location tagging websites

-Privacy settings


-Potential determent on future prospects on what you do online NOW


Pc Clean’s Internet Safety for Parents


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