No Space left on my phone?

No space left on my phone??

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We all know the feeling when we are at a special occasion such as a concert or a party and we want to take a precious memory home with us to keep. How do we take that special moment home? It used to be in the hands of our digital cameras. But, what we all reach for now, whether it’s out of our pockets or handbags; is the mobile phone. Gone are the days of the mighty “brick” that was used commonly to communicate with our friends, whilst away from our stationary landline phone at home. Yes, we thought we were in Doctor Who or Back to the Future with the large Motorola and Ericsson phone, using large buttons and a large LCD screen with the plain black text much like a calculator. Some of us may remember a snipe taken by the creators of “Only fools and Horses” over the so-called ‘mobile phone’. The episode of Del-Boy trying to sell the “Executive mobile phone” to Michael, the owner of Nags Head. They demonstrated the irony of a mobile phone that was too large for a jacket pocket. But it was not only Del-boy who believed that they would be millionaires this time next year. Phone manufacturers such as Motorola, Ericsson and Nokia were the market leaders in mobile phones in the 1990’s. Their products did make them millionaires again! They answered the prayers of mainly business people that were consistently on the road and could only be reached by their employer when they reached a certain appointment. To the employee’s dismay and eagerness to try the new technology, they accepted these large mobile phones and marvelled at how they could communicate while 100’s of miles from any phone line, with the help of the satellite in the sky.

Today, phones are micro slim and come with more complexity than any modern computer system. The ability to make a phone call is the last request on a buyers question list. Has it got music player, Bluetooth, Facebook, Email, video player and camera. If these are not standard, then the buyer will move along to a phone that has all the bells and whistles. Not only must we have call ability (which is used less than the other functions today), but we must have real time access to our online status whether it’s social networks or emails. Can we take photos of our friends and send them to other friends within seconds?? Have we got a mini jukebox in our hands with all our favourite songs? What about some videos of the party last week? All these songs can be transferred from our music library at home onto our phone using a cable from the computer. What happens when the time comes sitting on a bus for 4 hours and the songs on the phone are all overplayed? We used to sit there and either listens to them again until we get home to our computers for different music or turn it off!

With the help of online cloud storage, more products are bringing the concept of having our music come with us from home always. How can I have my 40GB hard drive full of music stored on my mobile phone with storage of 8GB? Most of the storage is taken up with videos recorded on the phone. The hassle of connecting cables and changing the music library seems like a chore and is rarely seen as an enjoyable experience, sitting at a computer not knowing what songs we will listen to, tomorrow or next week. It normally depends on the mood at that particular time.


A San Franciso company called “Popoplug” have come up with a service to give the consumer what they want, when it comes to sorting out instant access to a large music, video and photo library. A small networking device called the “Popoplug Mobile Device” is connected to the owners broadband router at home. This can attach any amount of storage whether is a 1TB external hard drive storage of 1GB SD Memory card with photos and stream directly to the user’s mobile phone via Popoplug software. The customer does not download any music from the Internet or home, but instead streams small amount of data at regular intervals to give video, music or photo slideshows on the phone instantaneously over any 3G network. No disk space on the phone will be full by streaming the files. Some data is stored for short period of time.

The customer has still the same empty space on the phone to take more photos and videos. No law is being broke, as the customer is accessing their own personal music library via an internet signal. Not only has the software this feature, but also, every time a new photo or video is recorded on the phone; it is directly backed up to the “Popoplug” device at home for safe keeping.

This is just an example of how our want of having our homes with us at all times is being achieved in the technology world.

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