Pirate software in our Vatican City!!!!!

This story I thought was crazy when I first heard about it, but its true!!

Avast, Antivirus software manufacturer send a 14 user licence trial key to a small firm in Texas to try out the software for their use only. Avast discovered there was more that 14 users using the software. Rather than contact the company directly, they thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if nothing was done.

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So as Avast watched the licence grow around the World, they were amazed at the amount of people that wanted their software, whether it was free or pirated. The licence went on file sharing websites and illegally download software sites around the World, in matter of weeks. This had spread across 200 Countries. By the end of 2010, 774,651 people had illegally installed this licence on their machines. Now alarms were ringing on how people were willing to take illegal software from malware infected sites, just to get free antivirus software. It would defeat the purpose of an antivirus program download, if it itself was going to bring in serious malware onto the user’s pc??? But more surprising was that 2 of the illegal pirated licences was installed in Vatican City, Rome. The capital of the Catholic Church, where the commandments are preached on not stealing from your “neighbour”!!!

The 12 main culprit countries were

  1. Russia
  2. Mexico
  3. Brazil
  4. Italy
  5. Spain
  6. USA
  7. India
  8. Philippines
  9. France
  10. Ukraine
  11. Argentina
  12. Thailand

Avast are now turning all theses pirates into legit purchasers of the software. Imagine the irony, getting a phone call to see you AV software from the company that created it and saying you do not wish to purchase it. The caller would go something like this maybe!! “Please sir, we are not trying to sell you a new product you have never heard of, we are just informing you if you DONT PAY NOW for the illegal version you have installed, we will report you to the authorities.”
Now does that seem a good sales pitch????

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