Some steps if you are getting Cyber Bullied

Are you getting cyber bullied? Here are a few tips on what steps you can take. This may also be for a friend you know. Pass this on if it will benefit any person who maybe a victim

Niall Mulrine on Cyber Bullying in Irish Daily Mirror 26-9-12

Irish Daily Mirror feature Niall Mulrine on Cyber Bullying workshops he delivers around schools for parents.

Steps to take if you are cyber bullied

  1. Don’t React or Respond
  2. Take a screenshot
  3. Take note of time and date it occurs.
  4. Keep a record of times and dates
  5. Block them from your social network or phone number
  6. Stay off the phone or network
  7. Tell an adult ASAP
  8. Possibly tell the bully how you feel
  9. Have an action plan with your parents
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