The big Digital Changeover clock is ticking, have you switched??

Saorview, Digital changeover and no more BBC or UTV

Brought to you by Niall Mulrine, Pc Clean.

Saorview,Digital Changover Ireland 2012

Niall Mulrine of Pc Clean


Recently the government gave the people of Ireland the deadline for the digital changeover as 24th October 2012. What does this mean to me at home with my current setup?

This launch of new technology called the “Digital Changeover” is as mind boggling to many people with home televisions as “The Cloud” is as confusing for computer owners. They are buzzwords that are used too sparsely that they remain buzzwords until someone actually sits down to explain to us what it all means. For this week’s article, I brought in the expertise of a local installer of digital and analogue TV systems C Mc Groarty Ltd trading as Digitel.

Clement Mc Groarty, Donegal Town has been installing and repairing TV systems for homes, businesses, hotels, schools and health institutions all over Donegal for the past 20 years. He has seen so many changes in the TV technology in this time and has always put himself and his team in the forefront of the skills required to keep consumers up to date with what equipment they need to enjoy TV. They recently rebranded the company and many of Donegal motorists can see the newly decorated vans with Bart Simpson labelled on it. The vans have raised lots of interest from people and Donal Brennan from Sign Worx in Ballybofey was responsible for the great art work.

All electrical shops, newspapers, websites, magazines and TV adverts are displaying Saorview capabilities as the sole system to enable the Digital Changeover. Saorview is owned by RTÉ Media Company and will carry both RTÉ channels and NON- RTÉ channels such as 3e, TG4 and TV3. All these channels will be given great picture quality as it moves from the old Analogue signal to the new clear picture of Digital. Also, Irish radio channels will be distributed onto our TV sets for high quality sound with none of the interference we get on our old “wireless” radio.


Digital Changeover on its way

Clement Mc Groarty commented on the amount of confusion regarding the systems the public are having since the government announcement. “Our office has been inundated with phone calls from our customers and members of the public asking what the Digital changeover means and what do they need to do before October 2012? We are informing the people of their situation and asking what current systems they have in place”. What people did not know is that they may lose all their UK terrestrial channels such as BBC, UTV and Channel 4 depending on the area they are located. To get these channels may involve extra systems and cost, especially for those that have more than one TV installed.

To get help and advice on what you need to do, contact Clement or Tania and their team on 074 97 22966 or 087 2250599. If you quote “Donegal News” when placing an order, the first 15 orders will receive a Digital MP3 player. Follow them on

Highland Radio breakfast show this week will be running a competition with a prize of converting one TV to Irish Digital using a High Definition Saorview box, along with a full home survey to ensure you are digital ready.


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