Upgrade to Windows 8 for €15


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Upgrade to Windows 8 for €15

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How is it possible that we can get a brand new version of Microsoft Windows for only €15? Normal prices for Microsoft Windows can cost anything from €160 to €340 depending on version needed. In the past Microsoft would release several different layers to their OS. Windows 7 began from the basic edition of Windows 7 Starter, right up to Windows Ultimate. Then within the different editions are the different processor architecture. Two types of Windows architecture is 32 bit and 64 bit have been available since launch back in 2001 and 2005 respectfully. The 64 bit gives the opportunity to upgrade the Memory past the 4GB limit that 32 bit possesses. According to Wiki article on 64 bit software, memory can be upgraded to a limit of “16 exbibytes (16 billion Gibabytes)”.

Enough of the hardware jargon, tell me more about the €15 operating system I hear you say. Well, it’s not the first time Microsoft have offered their latest OS at a very inexpensive rate! When Windows 7, Vista and XP were launched, Microsoft had promotions pre launch dates to increase sales and also to get consumers to spend some money to upgrade, where otherwise they may of held of another couple of years before changing their systems. Unlike the last Windows launch, people are more confident in Microsoft again with Windows 7 repairing the disgust that consumers had with Vista. That was one of the biggest blunders Microsoft entailed and heavily relied on 7 to save the day. I think I can say this for all Windows users, 7 was the moment I began to release my hold on XP and move. I had ignored Vista installation on my main computer and settled with XP. When 7 RC1 was released I made this OS my hub, even if it was beta I was just too engrossed on its features and speed. It’s not recommended to use a beta version for real time use, as they are prone to bugs, crashes and be unreliable.

Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

New look Start Screen

I have taken the same approach to Windows 8 Consumer Preview back in March 2012 when it was released for download. I was not the only one in anticipation; 1 million other internet users were downloading this edition in the first 24 hours of release. After installing it, I found a sweet, fast and fluid piece of kit in front of me. Everything worked as it should and it carried out all tasks with minimal effort. For more on my experience, click on http://PcClean.ie/Windows-8-test-drive-part-1 and read my two blogs on my time.


So what is the deal with the upgrade with Windows 8? Well, it’s due to be released before the end of 2012 and consumers who have bought a Windows 7 Pc between June 2nd 2012 and January 31st 2013 can upgrade their system for an extra €14.99. The feel of a new system on an old computer can bring excitement back into the user’s pc experience. It is also a good time to give your machine a good clean out!!

Take a spin on the newest version of Windows 8 Release Preview that has been made available on Microsoft.com, free of charge. But remember, back up all your files before you make any changes to your system. If you have any queries, drop me an email or call me got more information.

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