Windows 8 Test Drive Part 3


Windows 8 Part 3

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Windows 8 have released their latest trial namely “Windows 8 Release Preview” in June 2012 and I have installed on the main system to test out after ditching Windows 8 Consumer Preview. I will discuss my thoughts on this version further down. But I would like to baffle your heads even more now, by saying on August 1st 2012, Microsoft released Windows 8 RTM version!! You are wondering how many times their different trials will come out before the real thing. Well, it’s getting there now! RTM means “Release to Manufacturing” which are the OEM companies such as HP, Dell, Toshiba and many more who are now building their machines with Windows 8 to coincide with the major Windows 8 versions in October 26th 2012. Basically it’s the final version with all the final changes that have occurred over the various development stages. The Beta versions mentioned earlier are all platforms to get feedback from the public and IT experts on the quirks and downfalls.

My transition from Windows 8 Consumer Preview to Windows 8 Release Preview was not difficult. I opted for the clean format option, which wipes the computer and installs a fresh copy of Windows 8. The other option is to upgrade whilst keeping all your files and settings from previous Windows 8 or 7. I don’t push for this option, as it takes a lot of crap onto a totally new system. Clean format if you have the ability to backup documents, files, programs and settings is better option as you have brand new “Clean” system. Build from the foundation upwards this way. At least you will know what works and what does not work in terms of drivers and software.

For the driver’s installation, this was a breeze. With an internet connection, Windows 8 went off and installed as many drivers possible for my components to work. Even the printer was setup on the correct port and name!! The installation of the OS itself took little time and there was very few clicks that needed to interact with the GUI with its normal questioning such as “User Name and Password”. Microsoft has made this slightly easier by giving the option of signing in with Windows Live ID account or the old Hotmail account as was once known. When logging in with these credentials any settings for all Windows 8 devices can be used, whether it’s a Windows 8 laptop, Tablet, Smartphone or PC. The same feel with your personal settings will be given on all platforms of Windows 8 that use your Live ID. Some benefits of this are; Metro Apps settings, desktop appearance and login for websites can all be shared. If you use the Windows 8 Mail App, it will automatically setup your Hotmail/Live email messages and contacts directly without any input from the user. You will know if you are logged into your desktop by using Windows ID by checking the Start screen on the top right. (Please see picture)

Windows 8 Welcome screen on PC Clean's desktop

Image of Windows 8 Welcome Screen













More details to follow in next article. To play with Windows 8 why not go to download, Windows 8 from


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